We can't thank you enough for all that you did at our annual "Kids Day" event.  You were spectacular! We would like to thank you SO much for being part of our annual “Kids Day” program held earlier in December.  You and Louise kept them all the children well entertained and we loved how you got them involved in the show.  You do such a marvelous job with the children and are able to get across your message in a fun and enthusiastic way.  You were the highlight of the day and we just can’t thank you enough. You are doing a wonderful service and we would highly recommend you for any event. Thank you again so very much.

Brenda Herron, Chairperson
Family Life and Outreach
Burford United Church
Burford, Ontario
Thank you, Charles and Louise, for the wonderful ministry to our families and children this past Sunday evening at our annual Harvest Hoot. Your presentation was so well-prepared, finely-tuned, and effectively-delivered that no one dared blink their eye for a moment lest they miss something meaningful! We were all intrigued and blessed. May God continue to use you to minister to others, especially children who need to hear the truth of the gospel through creative expressions like yours and in terms they can understand.
Pastor Steve Faulkner
Simcoe Ontario 

Charles and Louise were a blessing to our church!  Their ministry drove home the words of Scripture, had everyone laughing in the pews, and captivated our kids for almost an hour!  His presentation was upbeat, fun, and simple – a great gospel message for all ages!  His passion and love for both children and Jesus was evident in the testimony of God’s work in his own life. 
Pastor Chris Gray
United Brethren Church 
New Dundee Ont Canada
Through my first encounter with TOMI Ministries, I found this group to be one of the best groups I have ever seen.  They are very active, warm, friendly, talented and well trained.  They have a tremendous love for children, they communicate well in their presentation, and they can keep the kids very attentive for a long period of time (which is not an easy thing to do)! Most of all, I admire the love and burden they have for Jesus.  I can truly say I see Jesus in them.  

-- Rev. Michael Lau  
   Richmond Hill Baptist Church  

On behalf of Cornerstone Christian Community Church in Markham Ontario, we sincerely recommend your ministry to any group, church or organization desiring energetic, professional Christian entertainers.
From our first contact with TOMI Ministries, we were very impressed with their organization, professionalism and sincerity with which they carry out their ministry.  When we saw their set-up in our gymnasium, we were blown away with their high-tech equipment, colourful and vivid stage set and high-quality props.  We knew that we were about to experience a dynamic captivating show for our youngsters.  Facing the challenge of entertaining our group of 2 to 10 year olds, TOMI Ministries kept the kids engaged and active thought their show.  By addressing the children by name and inviting them up to participate in the show, TOMI Ministries connected with their young audience and made the kids feel welcomed, comfortable and involved.  Our event invited children from our church and from the community around us and TOMI Ministries had each one of them dancing, singing, laughing and fully captivated!  From two-year-olds to the ten-year-olds, each child had such a fun time!  

What perhaps is most meaningful is that TOMI Ministries helped us reach out to un-churched families and bring them into a church environment where they were able to see the spirit and love of God extended to them.  We know that they planted seeds of the message of Jesus' love in each heart that day!!  We're excited to work with TOMI again next year to continue nurturing those seeds!

--  Debra Tsang
    Children's Ministry Leader
    Cornerstone Christian Community Church Toronto
We invited TOMI Ministries to help us with a child oriented Father’s Day program.  Charles Reid and his wife did a great job of engaging children and adults of all ages with music and Bible lessons. After the program, it was encouraging to hear several of our children’s ministry team discussing what they learned about using puppets creatively and getting children involved in a program. Thank you for leaving an impact.

Pastor Mark Cuthbert
Summerside Community Church
London, ON 

We invited TomiMinistries into our church to entertain our children for an entire evening.  They were absolutely wonderful!!  They come well prepared with backdrops, puppets, music, videos, etc. and everything is outrageous in color.  Charles Reid, his wife and his team of young people show their love of God in everything that they do.  Our children had a really good time and we would definitely invite them back again.  
        Lynda Johnson 
        Calvary Pentecostal Church 
        Peterborough, Ontario  
What an amazing ministry Rev. Charles Reid and his wife have.  He kept an audience of 90 children ages 3 - 10 captivated with a wide variety of fun activities which included songs, puppets, games and magic. He laid down the ground rules in a fun way and used lots of audience participation throughout the entire 45 minutes.   In his own unique and fun way he brought home the importance of obeying God's Word.  We look forward to future events with TOMI ministries.    
Marg Johnson
Huron Park Baptist Church

I thought the best way to describe the work they did with the children
would  beto gather comments from our teachers and helpers. They are listed below.
1     “I thought the group worked well together.”
2     “The music was excellent and they know how to work well with kids.”
3     “The TOMI presentation was well received by the children. It was kept alive   and interesting. The seed was sown—God gives the increase”
4     “The TOMI team put on a presentation for the children that was a pleasure to be part of. They had a unique way of sharing the Gospel with puppets. Besides learning, it was a lot of fun to participate” 
5     “I thought that the TOMI group helped the kids learn more about God and being a Christian. I also think that they are a very talented group and that the kids enjoyed them a lot”  PS: “I think that we should ask them back again”

Bethel Reformed Church
Brantford Ont

Hi Ptr Charles & Sis Louise,
   We thank God for having you in our Teachers' Workshop last Saturday.  You inspired us to be more creative in our ministry to children.  Thanks for sharing your skills and your experiences in reaching out to precious kids.  Just like Jesus, you really give priority to children... We appreciate you! I was overjoyed when I saw "new" teachers  in Sunday school today. We have new approaches to kids.  Most of us, including me   applied what we learned from you. We were all excited teaching the kids and thought of creative ways to reach out to our wonderful kids.  Again, thank you so much for your inspiration.
    I'm setting up an appointment with you and our London church so you can inspire them too.   God bless you ministry and may you continue to encourage and support teachers like us.  God's anointing and protection be upon you and Louise.

Champion Life Centre
 Brampton Ont
Brampton Ont Champion Life Centre
Hi Charles,
 Thank you so much for coming to our church's Community Easter Egg Hunt.  It was an amazing day.  Everyone had such a good time. Your ministry is so effective.  You clearly present the gospel message in such a fun and exciting way.  The way you engage the childen into the songs and activities makes them feel so special.  The parents love it as well and I saw many joining in with the singing and actions.  The most exciting thing for me is that half the people that attended were from the community and not from our church.  Through this event we have made many contacts and a number of families attended our church the next day (Sunday).  It will be exciting to see God work in the weeks and months ahead.
 May you continue to impact the churches and their communities as you serve HIM.  
 Cheryl Rendle
KIDDS' Ministry Coordinator
Westney Heights Baptist Church
Ajax, ON

Dear Pastor 
Reid and Louise,
Thank you so much for ministering to our children in our Good Friday Revival Service. We are so blessed and inspired by your professionalism from the preparation to the end of the program. You delivered the message effectively and all of our children were so engaged in the program that they could not stop talking about it in our Saturday and Easter Sunday meetings. I also had many parents came up to me to say how pleased they are with your ministry and they were so impressed with the presentation.
We would certainly recommend your ministry to other churches or organization desiring energetic, anointed, and highly entertaining children events. We pray that God will expand your ministry as you continue to impact children and churches with the Good News.
Thanks again, stay in touch and we are looking forward to having you back for future events.
Dhany Hariman
Children Ministry Director
Indonesian Christian Church Canada
North York, ON

Dear Charles & Louise:
It was such a privilege and a blessing having you minister to our children here at Bayview Glen Church. We had about 200 parents and children who were engaged, and have had an awesome time! The feedback given was that of a great response; the songs, games, and puppets were fun! Even our youth helpers had a blast! They had remembered the songs which had brought back memories from the time they were in Children’s Ministry. We are looking forward to having you minister here again in the future.  God Bless you as you continue to minister the Gospel of Truth to many families.
Thank you!
In Service for Christ,
Michelle Searles
Director of Discipleship Ministries.
Bayview Glen Church
Thornhill Ont, Phone: 905.881.5252 
Dear Pastor Charles and Louise,
Thank-you for spending this past long weekend with us and ministering to us.  I believe that the children were blessed by God through your ministry.  I enjoyed myself and learned a lot from you as well.  May the Lord continue to give you much fruit and joy in your ministry.  I look forward to future opportunities to receive your ministry again.
Yours in Christ,
Richard Choy. 
 North York (Chinese) Baptist Church

LONDON Ont Champion Life Centre
CLC London Children’s Ministry
Greetings Rev. Charles and Sis Louise,
In behalf of the CLC London Children’s Ministry, I would like to say that we were so blessed to have you in our church for our teachers’ workshop last August 13. We enjoyed the workshop while learning a lot. You have showed us a dynamic, strategic and fun way of teaching and interacting with our kids. We will use what we learned to further our ministry and assists more children to grow in faith and experience God’s love. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us. May you continue to have the passion and joy in serving the Lord with TOMI. God bless you.
Yours in Christ,
Sis. Susan Manlilic
CLC London Children’s Ministry director
Dear Pastor Charles and Louise,
Blessings and peace be upon you always.We would like to let you know that
we really had a blast on our puppet training.It is more than we expected.
The workshop is educational,fun and very lively.We learned new tools to
spice our Sunday mornings with the younger ones.The best part is learning 
to incorporate puppet in our teaching,and learning how to do it! We start
making insect puppets last Sunday as a start and  the children love it.What 
we learned from that workshop will be applied to spread the gospel in a fun
and productive way.What else can I say,but many thanks for the opportunity
you have given to us.
thanks to both of you!!
peace and blessings,
Sr.Eva Daligcon
Champion life London/Children's Ministry
Hi Pastor Charles and Louise,
I would like to thank you for your wonderful message of ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’ in the Children Evangelistic Program at our church on December 3rd, 2011. It was amazing to see how you could engage the attention and interest of the children throughout the presentation. The children surely enjoyed the puppet show and they had a lot of fun participating in the games. Your personal sharing has touched many hearts of the children and their parents.
Thanks to the grace of our Lord, we had 58 children come to listen to your message in that evening. At the end of your presentation, eight children accepted Christ for the first time, and twenty two other children re-dedicated their life to Christ. Thanks to our Lord. And thanks to you for using your gifts in bringing children to Christ. May God continue to bless your ministry to bear more fruits in Christ.
Roger Ip
Deacon of Children Ministry (2011)
Richmond Hill Chinese Baptist Church

Christian Life Pentecostal Church Mattawa Ontario. 
FREE.  Family Fun Zone.
Hi Charles and Louise!
We had many positive comments about the "Family Fun Zone" during Voyageur Days here in Mattawa! In particular children greatly enjoyed the puppet skits, bubbles and especially the balloons that you made into animals and hats and the like. We really appreciate TOMI ministries for being with us and sharing the gospel boldly and in a manner that children and their parents could receive. Over three days we estimate that over 1000 people came through the "Family Fun Zone"! 
Thank you for serving the people of Mattawa and boldly proclaiming the Good News!
Pastor Frank

Thank you Rev. Charles and Louise, it was awesome having you here at MCBC and the feedback received after you left as I was involved in further meetings, was indeed a blessing to those in attendance both young and wise.
Winslow Jemmott
Mississauga City Baptist Church 
Aug 12 - 2012
Laval Christian Fellowship
 Montreal Canada.
What a great occasion to tell kids about God's great love. It was a real blessing and the children had a blast. Thank you to all of you who made it a success!
Pastor Charles and Louise,
 We had a great time.
The kids loved the hands on training and I did to. I did a little interview of what each had learned: puppets are real people to, the four step, movement must be obvious. For me, it opened my eyes to how really helpful and great the pre-recorded skits are in the way it liberates you to concentrate on bringing your puppets alive. One of the girls said she really enjoyed you bringing the puppets alive. It was an awesome day!
Eldee Community Church North Bay Ont. 
April 27th 2013
We traveled all the way from North Bay Ontario to Brantford Ont 5 hr drive 437 klm. To learn all about Puppets, with TOMI Puppets.