Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and at the age of 2 was taken by my parents to Scotland, Great Britain. At the age of 15, I left school because I was not doing well in my grades. The principal of the school said that I was not too bright and would never amount to more more than a dustbin man. (Man who works on a garbage truck.) Well it was about a year later, that my parents decided to move back to Canada. After arriving in Canada I found it hard to make new friends. I was a very shy kind of person; not easy to get to know, so I would stay pretty much to myself. Meanwhile my parents were having marriage problems and finally separated. During this time I had been asking myself if there is a God, where is He. I had been made to go to church all during my childhood but had never really received too much from it.   To me it was just religion until one night while sitting in my car I cried out saying if there is a God out there come down and help me, as I felt very lonely. My parents were both gone. I had no family nearby to go to and I felt like ending it all right there and who would care anyway. Well, just as I looked up to the sky and said are you there God, I was hoping for a booming voice from heaven saying HERE I AM SON, but nothing happened. Not even a bolt of lightning or any cold chills, nothing. So I guess you aren't really up there.  

Well I just went on with my life from then on just as if nothing had happened, but something had happened. God heard my cry and started to send people my way to show me that God really does love me and I read in the Bible where He told me that "For God so loved the world or (Charles Reid) that He gave His only begotten son that if Charles would believe in Him he would not allow him to perish but would give him eternal life" John 3:16 When I heard this I said, "God is this true?" Again He showed me in the Bible that if Charles would share with his mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in his heart that Jesus rose from the grave he would have eternal life. (Rom 10:9)  

After having received this free gift of eternal life through prayer, my life started to change. I felt like I actually belonged to a family. (The family of God) I was no longer alone I had Jesus to help me through life's problems and give me a purpose in life. Shortly after that I was reunited with my mother and two brothers, at which time I shared with them what had happened to me. They also through prayer received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. It was no longer a religion that had no meaning, but it was a relationship with the Creator of the universe. The more I looked at religion the more I saw it as man reaching out to God in his own ways but Christianity was a relationship with God who is reaching down to man with love through the person of Christ and his Church. (And they will know we are christians by our love). Both my brothers and my mother accepted the free gift that I had received and their lives also began to change for the better.  

Almost a year after receiving God's free gift my mother died of a heart problem and went home to be with the Lord. As for me and my two brothers we decided that we wanted to go and tell as many people as possible about the free gift that God had given us. We did this by forming a singing group and over the years we travelled a lot of roads telling people in all walks of life from kindergarten children to teens, adults, senior citizens. We sang in schools, prisons, parks, churches. We went anywhere we could go and the Lord went with us everywhere guiding our footsteps. There was no financial backing for us that we could see with our eyes for we did not charge for the gospel anywhere we sang, but God supplied all our needs.  

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen." Heb. 11:1  

On one trip we left Brantford, Ontario it was arround 1974 to go to Prince Edward Island (a 18 hour drive) believing that God had told us to go there and share the gospel. By this time we had a full band with six people on a bus but one thing was missing; we had no money. We knew that God had told us to go so as we sat there praying my brother showed me a twenty dollar bill that his girlfriend had given him to get some strings for his guitar. We filled up the bus with gas and headed out on the long trip with a tank of gas and a whole lot of faith in God. Well to make a long story short we spent two months out on the road, and yes, we went to P.E.I. God was faithful and provided for us all the way. That was just one of many trips that God took us on in the years that we travelled on the road for the Lord. I could share many times when we had nothing and God supplied; no gas and God supplied. He gave us clothing, shelter, food, replaced three engines in the bus and did a lot of repairs on it. I could go on and on. 

Then the Lord called me off the road in the band and wanted me to assist another brother in the Lord in planting a church in Brantford called Cornerstone Church. At the time I told God that I felt that I did not have any experience to take on a position as that but he just said follow me and I will show you how, I will teach you. So that is what I did. I have been a Christian now for 34 years, 25 of which I have been assisting and pastoring and as of 1996 I asked to have my salary cut, as the church was having financial problems and was not able to support an associate pastor, (which was my position at the time) and a senior pastor. Well I continued on at the church for about another year as Associate, Youth, and Children's pastor with no salary, until I felt the Lord telling me to put all my efforts into T.O.M.I. (Team Outreach Ministries International). We are presently travelling and sharing the Good News through puppetry, music, mime, and drama.  

There was a Miracle that happened before the Band Issac even got started. I remember  we were on our way to a Youth Concert driving the Gospel messengers van that you see pictured below. We had 12 young people in the van, we were following pastor Mark Woodley who was leading us to Buffalo USA for the concert. It was winter the roads were not to bad on the traveled sections but really ice on the side roads. We had just filled the gas tank and was getting near Niagara falls when we lost sight of Pastor Mark. Well he had made a left turn and we headed straight on the road. All of a sudden we were on black ice. I might say at this time we were all singing and praising God in the van, with our guitars and tambourines, making a joyful nose to the Lord. I was the only one that could feel I was loosing control of the Van. We slid side ways on the road and then started to go down an embankment. The Van rolled over on its side and hit a tree on the drivers side. The way we ended up we were all on our side. All doors were sealed tight on both sides, we were all locked in the van and we could smell gas leaking in. Not one person was hurt. The guitar neck was broken  with a sharp point at the end. The tambourine was crushed.. The only way was out the back and that was blocked by a wall with a small door in it. That's where we kept our band equipment. But that night we had three other teens in there also, and praise God they were ok to. The only problem was there was no handle on the inside to open it up, it had to be opened from the outside. Well God sent an Angel I believe to open the door a few minutes after the accident.  And to there amazement twelve young people came out the back praising God that they were all alive.
Three years later we were sued by a company saying that we caused some one in front of us to go of the road into the ditch, when actually we were the ones who after we climbed out of the ditch on to the road saw them go of the road,and went down to help them and called an ambulance. But then that is another miracle storie that we have not told yet.

During these years that I have shared, the Lord has given me a wonderful helpmate, my wife, Louise who I am especially blessed with by the Lord, as well as two wonderful children, Aaron and Stacey of which I am also very blessed. I thank the Lord for the new life and wonderful family that he gave me when I trusted in Him as my Saviour and Lord.  

If you are reading my testimony and have not received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour and have not received the abundant new life that he wants to give you then please take the time right now ask him to to forgive you of all of your sins and believe that he is risen from the dead then you will be saved. Rom 10:9  

Eph. 2:8-9 "For by Grace you have been saved through faith and not of yourself it is a gift of God not a result of works lest any man should boast".  

1 John 5:11-13 "And this is the record that God has given to you, Eternal Life and this Life is in his Son, He who has the son has Life he who has not the Son of God has not Life. These things are written to those who believe in the name of the son of God in order that they may know that they have Eternal Life".  

May god bless you as you find the truth that sets all men free.  
"Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 3:32   

I am also available to come and share at your church etc, from God's word what He can do in your life, when you trust in Him with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding.  

Your servants in Christ,  
Charles & Louise Reid

The Band Issac 1974.
Concert in Brantford Park in front of City HallPromo PicturePromo Picture Baptist Church ParisOn the Bus B4 we leave on our faith trip to PEIPromo PictureOriginal Poster for the Band IssacPromo Picture for The Gospel Messengers church in BrantfordOur first Faith trip up north by Faith.
On Prince Edward Island. Waking up to find the Bus snowed in by snowplow. It was 6am in the morning. We had to do a concert at a school at 9am. Lets get digging.Indian Reservation Week long VBS campBreaker Breaker good buddy you got the Glory Bound here, where you heading?
Gospel Messengers VanBand Issac at Jesus FestivalBarrie Maguire at Jesus Festival  Brantford OntarioThe Friends Of Jesus to the rescue in Montreal. Our Bus blew its third engine in two and half years. Time to go home.Church In Jamaica we did for a VBSJamaica, girls home.
Puppets in ScotlandFixing the bus again, dirty job.Here we are on Prince Edward Island helping the people who were looking after us put in a TOMI in Belfast Ireland School
My Favorite Puppet EMO.Ministry on a reservation in OntarioFrom Left  Charles, George, Dad, Elliott. Dad came to the Lord  a few days before he died.Mom, Ruby ReidMom, Elliott, George,Our team holding babies that were abadoned on the streets of Jamaica. And now in a childrens home.Emo in Jamaica
Photo Album TOMI, Gospel Messengers, Band Issac.
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Our team that we ministered with in Ireland and Scotland.
They did a musical. I wish I was Sixteen.Musical with TOMI team. I wish I was sixteen. New Covenant Church Brantford.Belfast School in IrelandBleach Boy PuppetsBleach Boy Puppets In ScotlandStacey my daughter on left, and the rest of our team clowning arround.Bleach Boys behind stage.School in Scotland.
Workshop Training with Puppets.Charles & Louise just married Aug 31 1974.
Emo the star of the show.Our first trailer, with the fish symbol.I wish I was Sixteen. Musical TOMI team that went to Ireland Scotland, England. I wish I was Sixteen. Musical TOMI team that went to Ireland Scotland, England.Charles & Louise DatingLooks like one of the Irish Rovers. Charles, Band Issac Days.Pongo the friendly DogEmo in the Army?
TOMI TEAM UK Mission tripCharles & Louise with Cornerstone Youth Group.
Pastor Charles on 100 Huntley St TV program   Crossroads Communications Television.
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