Our trip to Jamaica was very rewarding in that we brought a lot of joy and happiness into a lot of kids hearts! Just to see some of these kids laughing at our puppets and joining along in the action songs as we sang and ministered to them while teaching them the 10 Commandments made our entire trip a real blessing to us. 
Some of the children's homes were more like prisons than children's homes, and it really opened our eyes to the suffering,  lack of food, clothing, and just general poor living conditions that the children live in. We are presently raising funds, and looking for support for two of our missioneries that are working on the island year round. The Hartmans need a new vehicle to get around in to deliver food and clothing, and they also ned money to live for themselves.  They are presently living under Canada's poverty level in Jamaica.   We hope you are able to help in any way please let us know as soon as possible.    
One child's home had a baby that they had found at the side of the road.  The baby had been there almost two days and was almost dead.  When they got him to the hospital they found magots in his hair. The baby is doing well now due to the support of our missionaries and others helping out. The need is so great in Jamaica.  If you can help the missionaries there, please feel free to contact us.   

This was a mission trip to Scotland,
England & Ireland.
Some of our TOMI team In Ireland.

Allow us to perform and minister to your church fellowship or group meeting. Our goal is to train young people to go on the mission field and work with children sharing the Gospel through puppets, music, drama, and mime. We have spent much time in the United Kingdom in the past years and have gone to Jamaica also.

I believe that our young people are our future. Whether in the church, or community we need to help them to reach their goals and dreams. The young people in our team are reaching out to help other young people and children in Belfast, Northern Ireland to catch a vision for peace and love, and a country that can be free from the fear and torment of the present situations in Northern Ireland. Only love, God's love can do this. It seems so far away but step by step we can help people to find their way in the dark. What these young people want to do is share their testimonies that drugs, violence, and crime, will not solve the world's problems. They hope that through this musical "CHOOSE RIGHT" and their testimonies they will bring a glimpse of hope to other young people around the world, that there is hope in God. 

C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) British Scholar and Writer is quoted as writing the following: "A glimpse is not a vision. But to a man on a mountain road by night, a glimpse of the next three feet of road may matter more than a vision of the horison"

I know that these young people will sow many seeds with those that they share with. And I believe that other young people, will never be the same after hearing these fired up young people give there testimonies

Reaching Every Child In The World Part 1
Reaching Every Child In The World Part 2
TOMI at New Covenant Church in Brantford Ont.
Performing a musical
We are Young We are Strong.
TOMI In Ireland, England & Scotland. doing Schools